PreBrute is our second sound set for our "4scoop" engine,


PreBrute is based on the Arturia Minibrute mono synth.


We were lucky to get our hands on one and decided that it would be a ideal synth to sample for our engine.


We have spent many months painstakingly sampling the synth with 4 different signal chains.


Our flavour system is just that you can select along the 4 oscillators what waveform and flavour(sampling chain) to choose from, so you have 20 waveform choices but 80 possible choices per Osc including the different flavours.


While sampling PreBrute we pushed our preamps hard to imprint characteristics of the actual pre to the sound resulting in subtle/extreme changes.


We  also tracked the raw sound to cassette tape using a Tascam 122mk3 , we tracked at a slow speed to naturally roll off some of the high end giving the tape waveforms a really warm and smooth sound.


We believe in offering choice to our customers and whilst tracking 4 different signal chains is a intense amount of work and very time consuming we believe we offer an outstanding amount of content for the price.


The goal of our engine is to capture the character of hardware oscillators and modulate them within our interface to create a sound of your own.


We also had hardware in mind while developing the engine and at every stage of the engine when a effect/filter is off it is bypassed from the signal chain completely leaving you with a clean tone that can then be fed to any hardware filter of your liking.


Our engine allows you to mix and match waveforms and flavours per oscillator for e.g., Osc 1 using a Tri 1073 and Osc 2 using a Saw cassette waveform etc...the possibilities and choices are endless.


The "4Scoop" engine allows you to octave (play native sample + - 3 octaves) for each oscillator, we implemented this as detuning oscillators within Kontact no matter what sample setting (standard/high/perfect ) degrades the sample quality and in comparison to the native sample we have found a roll off of high frequency content.


We sample each and every key physically possible in any sound set for our "4Scoop" engine.


We do not believe in stretching a sample over a few keys for any of our flagship Kontakt products, as this really deteriorates the sound quality.


We noticed in our findings that the pitch tracking of the Minibrute is not 100% accurate however we really feel this accentuates its analogue charm.


We have included all presets heard within the demos which can be heard on our media player.


We do advise new users to take their time in the engine and get to learn it , as the engine is very rewarding once you have learned your way around and become more proficient programming your sound.


PreBrute contains 20 all new IR reverbs, and the filters have been handpicked for the sound set.


We have also made a conscious effort in reducing the total amount of hard drive space taken up by the sound set and trimmed samples to reduce the overall size to 2gb.


We hope you enjoy our product.




• 2.16GB Kontakt 5 Library

- 7612 24bit samples
- 0.92GB Ram usage for first instance 200mb per instance after per project


Equipment used
- Arturia MiniBrute
- AMS 1073lb (Class A)
- API 512C (Class AB)
- Type 1 cassette through a Tascam 122 MKIII


20 Waveforms sampled from MiniBrute
- 4 Flavours Per Osc (Raw/1073/512C/Tape)

- 80 Possible waveform choices per Osc


4 Oscillators 

- Independent Amp ADSR / Filter ADSR
- 2 Switchable Envelopes per Osc Amp Adsr (Normal/Punch) 

- Inv Phase per Osc
- Sample start adjustment per Osc


Octave function 

- Shift +/- 3 octaves per Osc (natively plays samples does not tune sample)


Copy paste

- One Osc's settings to another Osc


2 LFOs per Osc

- Adjustable Speed, Depth and Sync
- Shape: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Sawtooth, and Random
- Destination: Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Osc Volume, Osc Pan, Osc Tune and Osc Fine Tune 


7 FX per Osc
- Lo-fi / Distortion / Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Saturation / Limiter


6 selectable Filters per Osc 
- LP / HP / BP / Notch / Phase / Vow
- Adjustable Key track and Velocity amount 


Global Dual LP/HP Filter

- Global filters can be linked to behave like a BP Filter


Global summing mixer
- Global Insert effects Width / Distortion / Tape Saturation / Eq / Limiter
- Global send effects Phaser / Flanger / Chorus / Ir Reverb / Delay
- Unison (up to 8 voice)
- Global Amp ADSR with a softer curve


Onboard Preset system

(load and save presets via the global panel)
- All sounds heard in demo's on site and in product video are available in the preset folder
- 88 presets to help get you started


Intuitive design
- Large LED info Panel for a visual aide when setting up the synth


Raw tones modulated within our engine


Non-Intrusive Protection

- Sales are automated and you will recieve download links 

- .NKI file (Instrument file) will be sent to your email address seperatly.
- Serial numbers are displayed on the global section of the instrument.
- our samples are not watermarked
- no file sent to you contains any personal information simply a serial number.



Scripted by Treebark Audio


*The use of trademarks are only meant as a reference to clarify the sampling chain and instrument used in making this product and does not imply any endorsement.