Our Favourite Records and The Memories They Hold

Our Favourite Records and The Memories They Hold

By Olivia Yokubonis


Have you experienced the flood of nostalgia that arrives when a song or an artist comes on that you haven't listen to in ages? It could be the song that was playing in the background when you had your first kiss, or the artist you parents would listen to while cooking dinner every evening. It's as if these songs instantly transport you right back to those moments, reminding you of the sanguine memories that have laid dormant for too long.  

This week on The Frequency, we asked our team at Precious Sound to share their favourite records and the memories they still hold.












An album that evokes a strong memory is Cro's "Melodie" that my husband gifted me early in our relationship. Whenever I hear the songs I think of our first road trip together, when all those songs were on the radio, and it brings back the sweet memories of falling in love!












This would have to be the Album Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf. My brother and I went to Christchurch University and on every non-stop road trip back to Auckland for each holiday, which I will add was a 15 hour drive,  we would play Meat Loaf to keep us focused and awake. Our favourite track was of course Bat Out of Hell which we would try to sing along to and we would play this record on repeat many many times before getting back to Auckland!













Barclay James Harvest's "Hymn" is one record (single) that holds sentimental memories as my Dad has been a great fan of this song and band.
Growing up, he would listen to it quite often during the weekend, especially in moments when he needed a “rest” from the job and other stressors. 
Looking back, when I was a child I did not like it. But when my dad passed away when I was 18, it had a different meaning to me and became one of the most emotional songs related to my Dad, also the lyrics which I do like.




Nearly Lissie's entire discography brings back sweet memories for me but in particular her album "Catching a Tiger". My brother's high-school girlfriend had burned me a copy of the album and I would listen to it on my baby blue bubbletop boom box on repeat. It was the first time that music evoked real feeling within me. I recently heard a song of hers come on and it made me emotional remembering how I used to feel every single word of hers, even if it her songs were surrounding topics like falling in love and heartbreak, which I had not yet experienced myself.


Thank you for reading, leave a comment below of a memory and the song you associate it with! 


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