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We are music lovers, obsessed with bringing innovation to a space that has been dormant for too long.

We fuel the purest music moments, creating singular connections between fans and artists.

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Woman putting a record on
WE EXIST BECAUSE OF THE EMOTIONAL TIES MUSIC FORMS BETWEEN LISTENER AND LIFE.The deepening of the human experience through audio waves has committed us to perfecting both its sound and its listening experience.Everyone should live (and relive) their most coveted music memories – by owning something as covetable as the memories themselves.Our records are artifacts of these times and are meant to be cherished, shared and loved for the sake of music.
Ursina Beerli


"Music can have such a deep and personal meaning for each of us. It's a privilege to bring a new way of hearing it to fans."

Ursina is a wiz at commercializing beloved products from running shoes to luxury watches with a keen focus on consumers with her knowledge of the latest in retail tech, data, and sustainability.

She grew up surrounded by classical music and opera, running around between instrumental club and band practice with her (un)stylish clarinet case.

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"When I learned the gold and platinum records celebrating an artist's success couldn’t really be played, I knew we had to make it happen."

Mark brings over two decades of experience in precious metals to the product design of precious records. He has already stuffed the innovation pipeline till 2030.

Growing up in a printing press, Mark developed a penchant for craftsmanship and design.

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Ludwig Maier


"The sound on the metal record surprised even me, I am thrilled with the strong stereo."

The music always comes first for our master engineer, Ludwig. With 20 years of experience mastering thousands of songs, Ludwig perfected the mastering technique for metal records through extensive trial and error and analysis.

He puts the same level of love, commitment and energy into every song he masters.

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Stephanie Weichelt


"I am inspired by our attitude to building long-term partnerships."

Steffi is one of those allrounders, who has seen it all during her 20 years working with precious metals. She is certainly no stranger to licensing and building strong relationships with customers.

When she is not cracking us up with her impersonations, she is awing us at karaoke.


We love music, the technology of sound, and the emotions and connections music creates ​

We strive to build a lasting business, sustainable communities, and long-term partnerships​

We make thoughtful pragmatic decisions, considering the implications on our community of artists, partners, customers, and team, and our planet. ​

We share ideas and feedback openly and we listen, always believing we can learn more ​

We focus on our mission and are not afraid to say no to achieve this focus​