• Direct metal mastering machine with copper master and software screen in the background


  • Hand holding silver granulates from which silver records are made


  • Nickle metal stamper used to press a gold record with tools in background


  • Inspection of silver record's grooves with microscope



When we learned gold record awards cannot be played and the music is missing, an idea was born.

It took over 5 years of research, more than 1,000 test presses, and experimenting with different forms of mastering, cutting, and pressing to develop our patented process.

Now our gold, silver, and platinum records are ready for fans to cherish. Interested in collaborating with us to bring gold records to your fans?


  • All precious metals are naturally occuring and recycled


    We use recycled precious metals, which last forever and can be endlessly recrafted as new artifacts.

  • Weighing precious metals to communicate sense of intrinsic value


    Gold is universal across cultures as a store of value, passed from one generation to the next. No banks or algorithms required.

  • Precious Sound Gold Record in Record Case from Gmund


    The gleam, the heft, the touch. There are no words to capture the magnificence of Earth's rarest metals.


Our 5-inch records can be played on your manual record player of choice at 33 rpm speed. Simply place the record on the turntable, turn it on, and place the needle at beginning of the grooves. No special stylus is needed and no need to fear extra wear and tear. If you are looking to buy a new player, we are currently loving our Debut S Pro from Pro-ject Audio.

We started as friends with deep precious metal experience and an adoration for music and its emotions. Our team is led by co-founders Mark Sutton and Ursina Beerli. We are based in Switzerland with a second base in New York, and working closely with our production partner in Munich, Germany.

Yes, we collaborate directly with artists to select their song-and master is for metal-and to craft the design elements of the records and its case. Our experienced product team makes it fun to develop a singular keepsake for the artist's fans to cherish. And artists can earn both royalties and commissions from the saels of the records. Contact us for collaboration.

All the precious metrals we use are recycled. These metals were previously used in electronic, jewelry, coins, and industrial objects. They are separated and smelted into pure pellets. Our production partner turns these pellets into perfect blank records for pressing. Additionally, any excess precious metal from the production process is added back to this circular loop too.

We could talk about this for hours. To keep it brief, we use recycled metals that are formed into perfect circular blanks. Meanwhile our stampers are made using DMM masters from specially remastered. The circular blanks are then pressed with the stampers at 10x the pressure vinyl is pressed at. Read more about our product here.

You have likely seen countless gold and platinum record awards, but most of these are simply vinyl records that have been dipped in gold or platinum paint. When they are played, they are heavily distorted and often they don't even contain the original music. Meanwhile, our records (made with our patented tech) are meant to be played, cherished, and experienced.

The short answer is that working with metals is hard. Our team of mastering engineers and precious metal engineers worked on this for five years, experimenting with different methods and parameters at every production step to craft these everlasting mementos that look and sound good. That's why we have also been granted a patent for this technology.

Not at all. We love vinyl. Precious records were crafted as an everlasting memento for fans to celebrate their favorite bands or artists and are a new medium of sound, in addition to vinyl.

Precious records are 8 times harder than vinyl. So they are not likely to break. Your diamond stylus is still harder than the record though and can result in scratching. To avoid scratching, our records include a generous lead-in and lead-out groove, so you can avoid scratching the record's grooves when placing or lifting the needle.


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