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Gold records awards are beautiful to look at, but cannot be played. The music is missing.


We heard John Densmore once pried open his gold record and was shocked to hear a highly distorted poem.

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We are bringing gold, silver, and platinum records, that can be played, to the market for the first time. Ready to take collaborations with the right artists.
Woman putting a record on
FANS HAVE ALWAYS SOUGHT KEEPSAKES TO CHERISH THEIR BONDS WITH ARTISTS.Fans are on a quest for experiences that are precious and lasting. They are investing their love in special edition collectibles, auctioning memorabilia, and gaining backstage VIP access at concerts.

The noble metals gold, silver, and platinum have been treasured for millennia.


The gleam, the heft, the touch. There are no words to capture the magnificence of Earth's rarest metals.

Hand holding gold


Gold is universal across cultures as a store of value, passed from one generation to the next. No banks or algorithms required.

Shiny gold nugget


We use recycled precious metals, which last forever and can be endlessly recrafted as new artifacts.

There is no right way to celebrate music, only real ways.

We were devastated that gold records cannot be played, so in 2016 we set out to combine the best in precious metal engineering with the best in sound mastering to achieve our patented technology.Today, we craft precious records that can be both played and cherished, while preserving value for the next generation. Hear our story