Stand up for (music) rights

Stand up for (music) rights

By Ursina Beerli


Precious community, 

As we build our community and company at Precious Sound, we believe diversity makes us stronger, we believe in women’s rights, we believe no human is illegal, and we believe love is love. One of our values is “we share ideas and feedback openly and we listen, always believing we can learn more”. Let's all commit to listening and learning.

And we take music rights just as serioursly as human rights. 

There are important protections for the creative property of artists: composition rights and royalties for songwriters and lyricists and performance rights and royalties for the recording musicians. As times and technologies evolve, these rights have changed and many artists—from Prince to Taylor Swift—have led the charge.

At Precious Sound, we too strive to champion creators by collaborating closely with GEMA and other performance rights organizations and directly with the artists and building long-term partnerships.


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