On the Record with Ludwig

On the Record with Ludwig

By Ursina Beerli


In on the record, we speak with members of the Precious Sound community about their music truths, precious mementos, and more.  

Today, we are talking with our award-winning mastering engineer Ludwig. Ludwig has mastered nearly 20,000 songs, some of which—he will modestly tell you—have achieved great success. Based on his extensive experience and trained hearing sense, combined with his enthusiasm for circuits and programming, he has also developed audio hard- and software for everything from HiFi audio systems to luxury cars.

 Ludwig at GKG Mastering Studio

The Frequency: Can you try to put in words the allure of music for you?

Ludwig: Due to my intense fascination for music and its effect on people, I started my journey to immerse myself in all facets of music early on. The stages—composition, production, mixing, and mastering—that each song goes through in its creation, and the sequence through which it is played, have become amazingly complex when you consider all the layers of detail.


The Frequency: Can you explain that complexity further?

Yes, our hearing sense is only rudimentarily understood. For example, there are many open questions in the field of psychoacoustics. We, humans, have a filter, which sorts audio inputs from the subconscious into the thinking consciousness. On average this filter works similarly across all of us, but it cannot be calculated or analyzed, meaning the task of music production ultimately relies purely on feeling.


The Frequency: What is the moment you realized the importance music plays in your life?

I will never forget the moment when I set up the new stereo system with my father. The first thing I got to put on, was the Holst record by The Planets. The loudspeakers completely filled the room with sound, enveloped me in the music, and carried me away forever.

 Shortly after, I had the great fortune to start as an intern in a recording studio. The vibe at the time emanating from the studios with their big mixing table was just electrifying.

Gustav Holst The Planets

The Frequency: What most excites you about Precious Sound’s silver, gold, and platinum records?

They are a medium of sound with immense value and make the experience of hearing music so visual and tactile too. They trigger an immense thrill in my musical heart.


The Frequency: What most surprised you about Precious Sound’s silver, gold, and platinum records?  

The music sounds particularly dimensional, and the detailed designs of the records are fascinating and beautiful. Through these three-dimensional works of art, the effect of the music is amplified.


The Frequency: What’s your favorite spot to hear music?

Ludwig: With the excellent audio system in my car, which I chose based on the audio system, I enjoy driving through the Bavarian countryside, with the view, the music, and the joy of driving combined. It’s a wonderful feeling of Lebensfreude (German for joie de vivre). 

Ludwig mastering at his studio

The Frequency: What about the best spot?

Ludwig: Of course, the sound mastering studio stands without equal. For sound to develop to its fullest, you need outstanding electronics and finely tuned acoustics, both of which need a lot of space. The sonorous depth, width, and height combined with the details of each instrument and that feeling that the performers are in the room with you are incredible.

Cat in Ludwig's mastering studio  

The Frequency: What does music mean to you?

Ludwig: Music has helped me in all phases of my life, and it never becomes too much for me. It propels me and calms me down. It wakes me up and lets me fall asleep relaxed. It teaches me through the influence on my body, also through the experiences imparted, and it lets me celebrate.


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