Gold records worthy of space travel

Gold records worthy of space travel

By Ursina Beerli


Did you know two gold-plated records were sent into space on board the Voyager 1 and 2 probes in 1977?

These hopeful time capsules are intended to share earth’s culture with extraterrestrials, who might discover them. The Voyager 1 is currently the human made object furthest away from earth: over 14 billion miles away! 

Voyager craft with gold records visible

The gold-plating of the copper records mounted on the outside of the probes is the perfect material to conserve their content for the thousands of years till possible discovery. We might sound a little like a broken record (yes, we like that pun a lot around here), the choice to use gold is obvious due to gold's durability and everlasting qualities. 

But the project faced a lot of challenges from conception to launch. We are inspired by the NASA scientists and whole team that made the first gold records for eternity and beyond. 

Voyager record inspection

It makes us wonder what future civilizations might think of our pure gold records…

What's on the voyager records? 

The records’ grooves include both visual and auditory content, while the case seen shows instructions for playing it.

Gold voyager record outside with pictogram instructions

The sounds include natural sounds from rain drops to roaring lions, a message from the UN Secretary General, greetings in over 50 languages, and a selection of music from Azerbaijani folk music to a wedding song from Peru. 

As I listened to the full collection (hear it your self here), I could not help but wonder at the reaction of an alien at first hearing Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Good”. By the way that song's inclusion was rather controversial because there was rock music was considered too “adolescent” at the time.  

Voyager gold record sounds of earth

What's the difference between the Voyager records and Precious Sound's records? 

First, our records are crafted for humans. Though we certainly wouldn't mind sharing them with some extraterrestrials. 

Second, they are easy to play, no pictogram instructions necessary! Just put them on your manual turntable and lower the needle. 

Third, they are pure gold (or pure silver, if that's more your thing). We are also experimenting with copper as a base for records as well. 

And finally, our records are a lot closer. We look forward to launching in early 2023 and bringing gold records to living rooms everywhere.  

Like the Voyager records, we encapsulate music in something spectacular. 


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