World Record Store Day: Our Favorites Around The World

World Record Store Day: Our Favorites Around The World

By Olivia Yokubonis

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April 22nd is one of our favorite days of the year, World Record Store Day. Record Store Day began in 2007 with independent record store owners and employees who had the desire to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture of the thousands of independently-owned record stores in the US and internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008. Today, Record Store Day is celebrated at independently-owned brick-and-mortar record stores around the world.

This week on The Frequency, we share a few of our team members' favorite record stores around the world.



For me, Real Groovy in Auckland brings back great memories for me! This iconic record shop was close to our family business and after school, I use to visit it and hang out as it had such a cool laid back vibe beat going to Dad's and Mum's offices. I loved going through all the covers on the vinyls and also playing demo records. It was the place my friends would buy all our tapes and then CDs for our car stereos which at the time was the most important thing in our lives. 



My go-to Musik Hug is located in historic Zurich right on the river Limmat. Downstairs, you can find great records as well as sheet music and all the other floors are dedicated to instruments. It's the best of both worlds because I can shop for records and get my clarinet fixed at the same time!



Cafe Riptide is a favorite of mine and it is right in my neighborhood! They have the best of both worlds being a cafe as well as a record store. The record store has pop, indie rock, audiophile vinyl, punk rock, hardcore, metal, post rock, electronic, hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, country, brit-pop and so much more. After finding new sounds, it's nice to go for great food and drinks! In top of that, they are a record label!



Randy's is Utah's longest-running independent vinyl LP record dealer and they have the city's largest selection of new and used Vinyl. Growing up, I inherited a record collection from a family friend and I continued to build on it by going to vintage stores and antique markets. When I moved to Salt Lake, I was excited to find spots in my new city, and Randy's was a hidden gem. They have a massive selection of new and old R&B & Soul and I'm excited to stop by on RSD and see what I can find. 


Take a look to discover your nearest Record Store Day participant here. Happy World Record Store Day!

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  • Growing up in New Zealand, RealGroovy was my fav. absolutely love this store! Nice pick Mark!

    Marko Jovovic on

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