On The Record with Kelsie

On The Record with Kelsie

By Olivia Yokubonis


In On The Record, we speak with members of the Precious Sound community about their music truths, precious mementos, and more.  

In today’s On The Record, we sit down with our SEO and Paid Social Advertising Strategist Kelsie McDuffie, founder of McDuffie Marketing and secret music industry jack-of-all-trades. We discuss her career in the music industry, her history as a performer, and her lifelong passion for music.


Kelsie McDuffie

Precious Sound: What did music mean to you growing up?  

Kelsie McDuffie: It was my obsession! My family always jokes about how I’m “the best athlete in the family” but I never cared about sports. I always just wanted to sing and play music. I remember as a young kid I would jump at any opportunity to run an errand with my mom for the sole purpose of getting to listen to the radio on the way there.  

Kelsie in High School performing

PS: You have your fair share of history with music professionally, can you tell us more about that?

: I’ve been on both sides of the coin as a performer who studied music throughout college & then on the business side as a young professional. My most “dazzling” job was working as the Marketing Manager at Ryman Auditorium. It was an incredible experience that had me pinching myself on a weekly basis. After that, I worked for ADAM Audio out of Berlin. Getting to learn more about the audio side of the business was so interesting and a whole other world. 


PS: Can you share any memorable experiences or highlights from your time working in the music industry? 

KM: I worked the Willie Nelson Tribute show in 2019. Aside from it being an incredibly star-studded event, the performances were phenomenal and the comradery among everyone backstage was something I will never forget.  

A second favorite would be my time overall at ADAM Audio. We traveled the world with a content team capturing bands small & large in studios across the globe. I learned so much about production, engineering, songwriting and the audiophile culture in general. Each recording studio really had its own unique personality and vibe.  


Kelsie and her fiancé playing in Costa Rica with the locals 

PS: What role does music play in your life today?  

KM: Music always has been & still is my escape. I love how you can curate any mood by simply just turning on a certain genre or album. If I’m feeling anxious or need something soothing, I’ll put on Lauren Daigle or Bruno Major. If I’m wanting to dance I’ll put on Silk Sonic or Dua Lipa. If I’m just riding along in the car I’ll put on Mt. Joy or Lake Street Dive.  


PS: What's an album, song, or piece of music that evokes a precious memory for you?  

KM: I am shamelessly a Swfitie. She’s the reason I learned to play guitar when I was 13. My entire middle and high school years consisted of sitting in my room for hours on end learning to play every Taylor Swift song she had out (which at the time was only a few albums). Anytime I hear a song from her first few albums, it just takes me right back to being a teenager sitting in my room after school. Those songs walked me through first loves, teenage friendships, being the new kid at school, and all the crazy emotions that come out of that time of your life.  

  Kelsie and friend giving their best T-Swift smize

PS: What song or artist would you like to see (and hear) on a gold record? 

KM: I saw Adele in Vegas last year and that show absolutely blew my mind.  Because of that, that would have to be my answer! 

PS: Any Nashville recommendations for the music connoisseur? 

KM: The Ryman, Jonny Cash Museum, any writers round at The Listening Room or The Local. A show at The Basement is also a must!

PS: You have a marketing agency, McDuffie Marketing, what has been your proudest moment and your biggest learning?  

KM: The entire journey has been a learning experience. I’ve realized just how important your network is and I don’t mean that in a superficial way. Doing good work and treating people well really does pay off.  


A perfect Pro-ject set up

PS: What does an ideal evening look like to you?  

KM: Most weeknights look very similar for me. My chef of a fiancé typically whips up something delicious while I play sous-chef. We always have our record player on while we’re cooking. Last year for Christmas he bought me a Pro-ject and we’ve been collecting records ever since. There’s something so much more special to me about listening to my favorite albums on vinyl rather than through my phone. In the digital world we all live in, the act of listening to a vinyl feels so much more intentional.  


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