Taking a Leap with "Jumper"

Taking a Leap with "Jumper"

By Olivia Yokubonis


It's an exciting time at Precious Sound as we started off running full speed into 2024. Last Monday, we announced our first-ever Precious Sound record. We have the privilege of embarking on this debut collaboration with Megaforce Records, the managers for the iconic band Third Eye Blind. We are excited to share the behind-the-scenes journey with you.

The collaboration began when we had the privilege of meeting Missi Calazzo from Megaforce in late September. We visited their offices near Union Square in New York, and it was there that Missi saw one of our flagship Helene Smith records and immediately expressed interest in showing it to the band. The band loved the record and was instantly on board for the collaboration. Everything went very fast after that. 

Our first Precious Sound record, featuring Third Eye Blind's hit, "Jumper"

It didn't take long to agree on the song, "Jumper" emerged as an obvious choice. Missi had suggested it, and we agreed wholeheartedly due to the deeper meaning the song holds that is full of courage and pushing past your demons. We grew up listening to this song, and we knew it would be a perfect fit for this special project. Pressing this message into everlasting silver and gold metal feels essential. Our team shared a story about how gold coins from ancient times can still be collected and traded today, illustrating the everlasting effect of gold.

To make this collaboration a reality, we worked closely with Rhino Records LA, who manages the rights to the song. Our connection with Rhino Records LA dates back to March of 2023 when we first visited their Downtown offices. 

Our team hard at work making everything perfect for launch

The first step of the collaboration involved digging up the original files for Ludwig to master. Our team put in quite a few late night shifts to ensure the quality and authenticity of the sound on meta. Once the sample was ready, we sent it over to the band and the Megaforce team, who gave their approval without hesitation.

Jointly developing the details has been a key focus throughout this collaboration. We have worked closely with the band and the Megaforce team on each and every aspect, from the label design to the choice of the b-side and the case. We had the incredible opportunity to have Stephan, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, describe what "Jumper" means to him and how it has transformed over the years since he wrote it. This experience added an extra layer of meaning to this project. Lastly, we carefully sifted through countless pictures of the band performing the song to create a stunning booklet for fans to enjoy, a task that proved challenging due to the abundance of so many incredible options.

Our incredible collaborators, Third Eye Blind


This whole vision becoming a reality was the greatest sight to see, and watching Stephan Jenkins and Brad Hargreaves unbox their hit song “Jumper” pressed on Precious Sound is a moment we will forever hold close to our hearts. This enduring record is a celebration for the band and they have expressed how meaningful this partnership is to them. As stephan puts it: "A permanent record encapsulating this message is moving to me. 25 years in, Jumper proves the value of a common heart." We hope it's a message that every person who purchases this record can take with them as well. 

But that's not all. We have more exciting plans in the works with Missi and the Megaforce team. We are already dreaming about a "Semi-Charmed Life" record and projects with Megaforce's other artists. 

Stay tuned as we continue this incredible journey of collaboration, creativity, and the love for music. We are so proud to share Precious Sounds' first precious metal record collaboration with all of you, learn more about our debut record here!

And if you want to lean into a moment of nostalgia with us, listen to our late 90s-early 2000s playlist we have curated here



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