Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" | Pure Gold Record



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A rare, limited-edition "Jumper" record to hear, play, and keep forever.

This 8-ounce pure gold record celebrates the song’s transition from dark to light and its message of inclusivity and understanding that we all sing along to with a common heart.

Limited edition of up to 25.

Made to order. 


  • Specifically remastered version of Jumper (4:33) for metal by Germany's premier mastering engineer
  • A side with grooves, playable on any manual record player, and engraved ornamentation with edition number
  • B side with engraving honoring the polaroid cover art of the self-titled album
  • Crafted in Munich, Germany
  • Protected by high-tech nano-coating


  • 5-inch record made of 8 ounces of 24 karat gold
  • Hand-crafted 12-inch case, crystal glass capsule for your record, a booklet, and record mat
  • Specifically designed record mat
  • Complimentary cleaning cloth for keeping the record shiny

Crafted according to patent Nr. 3835653.

Produced under license from Rhino Entertainment, A Warner Music Group Company.

Interested in owning one of 25 pure gold records of Jumper?

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"A permanent record encapusalating this message is moving to me. 25 years in, Jumper proves the value of a common heart."

Stephan Jenkins


Place the record mat and then the record player atop your manual turntable, play at 33 1/3 speed, and drop the needle into the lead-in groove.


    We use recycled gold, which lasts forever. Like the prized Cesar coins, this record will still play several millennia in the future.


    Gold is universal across cultures as a store of value, passed from one generation to the next. No banks or algorithms required.


    The gleam, the heft, the touch. There are no words to capture the magnificence of Earth's rarest metals.


Limited edition collection in Precious Silver, Precious Gold, and Pure Gold

The media is ablaze with praise

  • "We hope that our records will give that luxury experience of truly being unique, not just because the product is made with a patented technology or because it's made with precious rare metals or that its a limited edition, but that the experience itself is unique."

  • In other news, Third Eye Blind is marking the 25th anniversary of its hit 1998 single “Jumper” by releasing the track on the first-ever playable .999 silver-coated and .997 karat gold-coated discs. A collaboration with the Precious Sound company, the five-inch discs can be played on any traditional turntable. The B-side of the singles feature the cover art of Third Eye Blind’s 1997 self-titled debut album.

  • These records are the ultimate keepsakes, and represent the unique
    connection between a musical artist and their fans, as well as immortalize the
    artist's achievements.

  • Direct Metal Mastering is the basis of Precious Sound's pressing technique.
    However, all songs are re-mastered for metal, since metal has different
    properties than PVC. "After the cutting, our techniques start to diverge
    significantly from vinyl, since there are over 10 steps to prepare the metal
    for an optimal sound quality," explains co-founder Ursina Beerli.
    [Translated from German]

  • Co-founder Mark Sutton says the idea for this was also inspired by the fact
    that the gold and platinum records awarded for reaching a certain number of
    album sales are not playable. [Precious Sound's] technology took five years to
    develop, with over 100 trial pressings in order to achieve the highest quality
    of sound. Sutton says metal is much harder to press into records than vinyl,
    requiring around 10 times more pressure.



At Precious Sound, we remaster each song for optimal sound on precious metals and then cut it into a physical copper master using direct metal mastering.

We heat up recycled pure silver, gold, or platinum to 1000 degrees Celsius. The liquid metal flows into long sheets from which we punch circles and apply 5+ proprietary steps to perfect them into blank records.

The blank records are then pressed with a stamper at 1,250 tons of pressure before adding the finishing touches: the b-side engraving, the label, and nano-coating to protect the record from weathering.


Our 5-inch records can be played on your manual record player of choice at 33 rpm speed. Simply place the record on the turntable, turn it on, and place the needle at beginning of the grooves. No special stylus is needed and no need to fear extra wear and tear. If you are looking to buy a new player, we are currently loving our Debut S Pro from Pro-ject Audio.

All the precious metals we use are recycled. These metals were previously used in electronic, jewelry, coins, and industrial objects. They are separated and smelted into pure pellets. Our production partner turns these pellets into perfect blank records for pressing. Additionally, any excess precious metal from the production process is added back to this circular loop too.

We extensively developed our process from mastering to cutting, resulting in much higher quality cuts than standard, making 33 1/3 rpm sound just as excellent. Additionally this allows us to get more playtime on our records.

Precious records are 8 times harder than vinyl. So they are not likely to break. Your diamond stylus is still harder than the record though and can result in scratching. To avoid scratching, our records include a generous lead-in and lead-out groove, so you can avoid scratching the record's grooves when placing or lifting the needle.

These records are generally 5 inches in diameter and weigh 7 ounces.

The first batch will start shipping in the spring and we will update everyone on the pre-order list regularly on the progress.