A Year of Lessons From Precious Sound

A Year of Lessons From Precious Sound

By Olivia Yokubonis


What a year it has been and and as we reflect on the past year, we can't help but acknowledge the valuable lessons we've learned along the way. From making tweaks and improvements in our business process to embracing new experiences with products and industry leaders, here are the key lessons that have shaped our journey:

1. Good things take time

We've learned that patience and perseverance are essential in achieving greatness. Through continuous learning and making adjustments, we have been able to improve our processes and deliver better results. For instance, we have hardened the shims used to press records, ensuring a higher quality product. We are also working towards incorporating more recycled materials, like ocean plastics, into our packaging.

2. In-person and physical experiences matter

While the digital world offers convenience, we've come to appreciate the value of in-person and physical experiences. Our flagship projects have allowed us to create beautiful moments that resonate with our audience on a deeper level. The tangible connection formed through these experiences is truly special.

3. Music is both universal and individual

Through our journey, we have realized that music has the power to connect people on a universal level while also providing deeply personal experiences. Each fan may interpret a song differently, but we all understand the profound impact music can have. We had many special features on our blog segment "On The Record". From Karly and how music is the "main character" in her life, to Ileana and her love for music that was passed down generations, to Matt and his incredible music collection, our interviews have beautifully captured these unique stories and moments of connection.

4. Industry friends are the best friends

As newcomers to the music business, we have been fortunate to make friends along the way. From meeting Sarah and Michael at South By in Austin to building a network of sound champions, we have received invaluable support and feedback. These friendships have played a crucial role in our growth and success. To our “sounding board”, we thank you!

5. The fan experience is our north star

At the core of our business, we prioritize the fan experience. We have been inspired by the attention to detail shown by companies like Riot Games in the esports industry and the dedicated team behind Nirvana's "In Utero" box set. By striving to create memorable and meaningful experiences for our fans, we can continue to make a lasting impact.

As we look back on these lessons, we are grateful for the growth and experiences gained. We are excited to apply these lessons to the future and continue to evolve as a business, always striving to deliver the best for our fans. We can’t wait to share all that is to come! Happy New Year!


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